How to edit a paycheck in QuickBooks desktop?

QuickBooks is one of the popular platforms for accounting and banking-related activities. It comes with several customization options for its users and is still integrating with new features. Now, you can edit a paycheck on QuickBooks desktop whenever you need it.

For example, can update hours, edit check number, or add a payment type. However, the way you edit a paycheck in QuickBooks mostly depends on your current payroll process. We are going to discuss each of the situations in this article.

How to edit an unapproved paycheck?

Usually, an unapproved paycheck, both manual and direct deposit, can be edited. The below-down list show which are the things that can be and cannot be edited.

Things that can be edited:

The things that QuickBooks Tool Hub allow its users to edit in unapproved paycheck are given below:

1. All paychecks, for example, commission, fringe adjustment, regular pay, and bonus, can be edited.

2. The number of hours worked can be edited.

3. The additional pay types can be edited.

4. You can edit the hourly rate.

5. Income tax amounts of both federal and state can be edited.

6. One can edit the active deduction amount.

7. The memo, pay date, and check number can be edited by an individual.

8. Direct deposit or manual pay method can also be edited.

Things that cannot be edited:

Certain things cannot be edited in an unapproved paycheck. They are as follows:

1. Pay period and garnishment cannot be edited.

2. You cannot edit fixed tax rates like social security and medicate.

3. The contractor's paycheck cannot be edited.

Only if the recurring amount is set to $0, the deductions can be added to the paycheck edit page. You need to enter the deduction amount in the “Check Details” window, or employee setup, before generating a paycheck.

Enhancement of Intuit online payroll:

1. Visit the "Approve Paychecks" page, choose "View/Edit," and click on "Edit."

2. Make the necessary alterations and tap on "Save."

3. When you are ready, click on "Approve Paychecks."

QuickBooks payroll enhanced:

1. Visit the “Preview payroll” page, click on the “edit” icon beside the “Net pay” amount.

2. Make the preferred modifications and click on "OK."

3. When you are ready, choose "Submit payroll."

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Editing of an approved manual paycheck

All your recent payroll’s paycheck can be usually edited. However, the process depends on you, whether you have already delivered the paycheck to your employee or not.

Things that you can edit:

The things that you can edit in an approved manual paycheck are given below:

1. Check the number can be edited.

2. One can easily edit both federal and state income tax.

3. You can edit the Salary amount.

4. Hours worked, and hourly rate can also be edited.

5. The active deduction amount can be edited.

Things that cannot be edited:

The things that you cannot edit in an approved manual paycheck are given below:

1. Contractor payment cannot be edited.

2. Pay date and pay period can also not be edited.

Intuit online payroll:

1. Click on “Payday” and select "Paycheck List."

2. Choose the paycheck that you want to edit and select “Edit.

3. Make the required edits.

4. Click on "Edit."

5. Choose “Deduct more slowly and input the amount to be deducted from every paycheck.

6. Finally, click on "Save and close."

QuickBooks payroll:

1. Click on "Edit" after selecting the paycheck.

2. Make the required changes.

3. Finally, choose "Save and close."

How to edit an unprocessed direct deposit paycheck?

Before it is processed, generally, you can edit an approved direct deposit paycheck. But, there are still some restrictions on items and timing that are allowed to be edited.

Items that can be edited:

1. Hours worked can be edited.

2. Vacations and sick can be edited.

3. You can edit the deductions too.

4. The federal and state income tax can also be edited.

Items that cannot be edited:

1. Pay method, and fix rate taxes cannot be edited.

2. You cannot edit the pay period and pay date.

Intuit online payroll:

In an unprocessed direct deposit paycheck, select “Edit” for modifying the paychecks.

You will now be taken to the check edit screen, where you will have to make the desired changes and click on "Save."

QuickBooks payroll:

Select "Edit" for modifying the paychecks in an unprocessed direct deposit paycheck.

Now, you will be taken to the check edit screen, where you will have to make the necessary changes and tap on "Save."

How to edit a processed direct deposit check?

An approved direct paycheck can be edited generally from the recent payroll if it has already been processed.

Intuits online payroll and QuickBooks payroll:

1. After you choose “Edit” in a processed direct deposit paycheck, a popup confirms that the newt pay will remain the same. Any required changes are done through the payroll connection.

2. Just like an approved manual paycheck, you can change the same editable items. The net pay will remain locked to its actual amount.

3. A payroll correction is added automatically once you change an item. On the next paycheck of the employee, it will be resolved.


QuickBooks has opened a world of opportunities to its users. But, if you want to use QuickBooks, you must be associated with banking and accounting-related tasks. If not, you are not recommended to do it all alone, as you may lose your data. Thus, it is a better option to go for professional help.

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